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About Ministry of Interior


Maintenance of security, general order and safety, and law enforcement.


As part of the directives of the wise leadership and thanks to its support, the Ministry of Interior has adopted a policy of modernisation and development to improve efficiency and by using the latest technology, in order to save time and effort and improve the quality of its services and mission and fulfil its duties.

The Ministry has been able to achieve excellent results through training and improving its workforce and by an optimum utilization of its financial resources and capabilities in fulfilment of the policy of the government and Economic Vision 2030.

The development and modernisation policy includes formulating plans that take into account all aspects of security work and improvement of the preparedness in dealing with the latest happenings and changes locally and regionally. These plans are reviewed and evaluated regularly to achieve the best results and meet goals.


The Ministry is dedicated to achieving the following goals:

1. Human Resources Development:Academic and vocational training and improvement of the staff to
enable them to attain the highest performance level through:
       • Developing police characteristics:For each police personnel to become honest, just, integrated and
         transparent so he or she acts with responsibility and protects the rights of others.
       • Developing the ability to act in the right way in all situations:Confront all cases of anger and
        overreaction on the part of the public and use the proper degree of force for law enforcement and
         maintenance of general order.
       • Adopting high levels of efficiency, maintaining those levels and adopting appropriate procedures
         under all conditions.
       • Being flexible in thinking and acceptance of criticism and cultivating the ability to change and
         develop for the best.

2. Making the Environment Secure:By contributing to provide an appropriate environment for growth and development in all fields through:
       • Prevention of crime:By avoiding unsocial behaviour and acts that might affect general order.
       • Securing general safety:For all citizens, residents and visitors. Also, protecting public and private properties.

3. Security preparedness by way of:
       • Law enforcement and protection of general order (combating violence).
       • Crisis management to combat natural and industrial disasters.
       • Provision of excellent police services.


The Ministry of Interior personnel are committed to applying the following principles:

       • Swift Response: Capability to swiftly respond to accident and emergency calls.
       • Effectiveness: In dealing with all accidents efficiently and capably.
       • Transparency: Through the adoption of clear and simple procedures characterised by integrity,
         altruism, subjectivity, openness and honesty.
       • Accountability: By holding everyone accountable in front of officials and the public without discrimination.
       • Humanity: Dealing with all sections of society humanely and in a civilised manner.
       • Community Partnership: Activation of community partnership, creation of a healthy and secure atmosphere and achievement
        of the slogan “Security is the Responsibility of All”.

Future Vision:

The Principles of the Ministry’s Future Vision include:
       • Achieving a balance between maintaining security and stability and respecting human rights and freedoms.
       • Commitment to legal and ethical standards and implementation of the principles of equality and transparency.
       • Keeping up the high spirit of policemen.
       • Achieving a high level of readiness through preparation, improved qualifications and training.
       • Deploying high technology and advanced systems in the field of security-related work.
       • Building channels to connect with all sections of society, embodying the concept of community partnership.
       • Cooperating and coordinating with other official authorities.